Wednesday, November 22, 2006

No Galileo for you tonight, young man

I could probably pick up an antihistamine at 7-Eleven and tough it out, but I don't want to risk infecting my friends with this.

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Anonymous said...

Life IS suffering, little Buddha, so get over it. You would not be happy without troubles because to be human is to be a problem solver and we simply INVENT problems if there aren't any real ones to work on. That's why money won't buy you happiness. Personally, I've given up on happiness. It's not sustainable and calls into being unhappiness. I go for contentment. I surrender to the nature of my humanity and life as it is experienced by me. I look for acceptance of the fact that I cannot fully shape my surroundings, but i can go with the flow of events and be "happy" doing so, at least a maximization of that time it is likely to be "happy", simply by not opposing a flow that I can't alter and can only wear myself out fighting. I also don't believe it possible to think my way into happiness. However, I believe I can act in a way reflects a serene state of mind and, therefore, reinforce my serenity and contentment. Every time I cease struggling to change people, places, things, entropy, and only change my own attitude towards them, I find that I would assess myself as better off. Hope some of this makes some sense.

Your illness, however, is a different matter in some respects. I believe that notion that mind and body are so tied that if one is off, so is the other. You're sick, dude. No wonder you've emoted/thought depressed mode -- your body is sick.