Saturday, December 09, 2006

When the student is ready, the bathrobe will appear

I had this idea that I wanted to buy a meditation cloak to wear when I sit.

Two reasons for this: one, it helps it create a sense of being protected or isolated; and two, I get chilly when I sit absolutely still for more than a few minutes.

I found a few on the web:

But these are, I dunno, kinda... pricey, maybe? The Buddha got his iconic saffron robe from a corpse –– literally a steal. And these meditation cloaks are structurally just big hooded bathrobes, are they not?

So, I'm in SteinMart tonight, and what do I find but... big hooded bathrobes. Not as big as the meditation cloaks, maybe, but big enough. If I wasn't six feet tall and 235 lbs., they'd be even roomier. So I bought two of them: $40 apiece.

They look almost medieval. I feel very cloistered in them.

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Rafael said...

I know you posted this a long time agao but I was in the market for the same thing and I thought those robes were way to much as well. I am going to try your idea and see how it works out. Thanks!