Sunday, December 04, 2011


Some of you will recall a woman who occasionally commented here under the pseudonym 'dzaster'. She also occasionally posted as 'anonymous' or 'anonymous x'. Among her many comments was her story about her airplane encounter with Stevie Nicks.

As unpleasant as my upbringing may have been, I can tell you that dzaster's was far worse. The fact that she was functional in any way, shape or form was a tribute to her own strength and tenacity. But I knew from our frequent long talks that daily living was an incredible struggle for her, and that she constantly fought the temptation to end it.

She was, in fact, obsessed with death in a way that I have never seen in any other person.

A couple of years ago, she walked away from the job she had held for years as an accountant/majordomo/fixer for a local business tycoon, moved to Arizona, and reinvented herself.

From all accounts it seemed to be a success. She frequently wrote in email about how much happier and saner her life was in the desert.

I learned last night that dzaster died in mid-July, just a few days before her 51st birthday. I don't know any specifics. I hope that she had some inner peace and happiness in those Arizona years.

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Nina said...

RIP dzaster.