Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What I learned

I live in the Bible Belt. I know, intellectually, that I am out of step with most social and political thought in this community.

But browsing around OKCupid, with its 2000+ question survey, really brought the differences home to me. I was astonished by how many women oppose gay marriage (most). I was astonished at how many would not date someone who wasn't white (almost all). By how many think flag burning is worse than book burning (again, almost all). By how many think evolution should not be taught in school (probably about a fourth, but any at all boggles my mind).

I try to imagine what a relationship would be like with one of these women. I assume their relationships are built mostly around church and the TV set.

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Anonymous said...

I learned years ago that on-line dating for me would mean a bald, fat man in a grey suit who liked bowling, nascar, smoking cigars and church. Hell on two legs in tube socks. The buckle on the bible belt is just north of a redneck dick who believes in capital punishment but not abortion cause that's murder, doesn't believe in evolution cause his preacher said so, and hates gays cause he's a closet queen. The devil wears Men's Warehouse specials and wingtips. Dating in middle earth ain't much better for us thinking gals.