Saturday, December 29, 2007

All things must pass

I've had a very interesting holiday season. For the last five to eight weeks or so, I've been in an unusually elevated mood.

During that time, I've gotten some projects done. I had been putting off getting the heater fan on my car fixed for three or four years. I had put off having the mole removed since 2002. I also got a few household chores done and gave away a few old clothes.

I indulged a couple of infatuations – and sure enough, I was made foolish.

I started walking almost every day – slightly less than a mile but more than I had been doing.

I drank more wine than I usually do. I spent a couple of evenings in bars I don't usually visit. I got outside of my geographic comfort zone more often than usual.

My spirits stayed good even during the six days I was exiled from my home by the power outage.

I had a perfectly wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

But whatever propelled me to this elevated mood is starting to wear off. Maybe it was the fish oil, maybe it was something else. My perception is a little off right now because of this cold I have, but I can tell I'm returning to normal.

In a way, this is a good thing. It's like if you take a trip to Disney World: you have fun while you're there, but it's good to get back on the familiar ground of home. To be attached to a certain state of mind is still an attachment. Some people do dangerous and destructive things to keep their moods elevated – my plan is to just let mine return to normal.

I'm avoiding people right now not because I'm depressed, but because of my cold. But don't be surprised if, when you see me next, the old mcarp is back.

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Anonymous said...

The mole's gone? What did you do with it? All this time I thought it was a talisman.